Henrik Bærbak Christensen
PhD. Associate Professor, University of Aarhus, Denmark

Flexible, Reliable Software
Using Patterns and Agile Development

CRC Press, Taylor and Francis, May 2010.

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FRS 2nd Edition / Year 2021-2022 Update

The book Flexible, Reliable Software celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2020. Looking back, I am happy to say that all core contents of the book is still valid: the principles, the techniques, the patterns - they are all just as sound and useful today as they were in 2010.

However, the technological platforms on which we develop software is in constant flux, and these aspects are becoming somewhat out-dated.

I have therefore been granted permission by the Publisher (Taylor and Francis) to rewrite chapters and make them available in other formats.

This work, which will include updating the book and associated source code to JUnit 5, Hamcrest, and Gradle, is underway during 2021 and 2022. In addition, concepts like Role Interfaces and Test Doubles are treated. If you are interested in early releases of this work, please contact me by e-mail (to be found in the 'Contact author' link above).

New Book

I published a follow up book
focused on distributed systems using the
Broker pattern and REST, in 2020.

You can find the book on leanpub.

The source code for the book is open source.

FRDS.Broker Library